Which benefits qualify for a boiler grant?

If you receive the correct combination of benefits from the list below then you may qualify for grant funding towards a new boiler.

The following will qualify automatically:

Automatic qualification for a replacement boiler
Pension Credit (Guarantee Element)
IS – Income Support (Income Related)
ESA – Employment Support Allowance (Income Related)
JSA – Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Child Tax Credit (with annual income below the threshold – see table below)

If you do not receive one of the benefits above, you will need to receive a benefit on the left column AND an additional component on the right from the table below:

Qualifies with additional component Additional component
Working Tax Credit (with annual income below the threshold – see table below) ·         1 Adult or 2 Adults
Universal Credit (with monthly income below the threshold – see table below) ·         Child under 16

·         Child under 20 in full-time education (not University) or approved training (unpaid)

·         Receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

·         Receive a Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

·         Limited capability for work, or limited capability for work and work-related activity


Household Composition Tax Credit (annual) Universal Credit (monthly)
1 adult £13,200 £1,100
1 adult and 1 child £17,400 £1,450
1 adult and 2 children £21,600 £1,800
1 adult and 3 children £25,800 £2,150
1 adult and 4+ children £30,000 £2,500
2 adults £19,800 £1,650
2 adults and 1 child £24,000 £2,000
2 adults and 2 children £28,200 £2,350
2 adults and 3 children £32,400 £2,700
2 adults and 4+ children £36,600 £3,010
Income threshold to qualify for an ECO grant (Tax Credit – income before tax / Universal Credit – take-home income after tax)

Apply for your ECO Boiler Grant

Grants are available across England, Wales and Scotland. Apply here and you’ll be referred to an approved installer in your local area. Despite high demand, we can refer your application to an installer within 24 hours in the majority of cases.

Apply for your FREE Cavity Wall Insulation Grant

The Cavity Wall insulation is FREE and NOT Means Tested, however the property itself must qualify for installation. The funding is FREE for properties 4 bedrooms + or a 3 bedroom detached property. * Note: a 25 Year Guarantee will be issued after install by CIGA (Cavity Installation Guarantee Agency)

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